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The WebLearning Data Science academy is designed for those aspiring to be Data scientists and covers basic to advanced level concepts including data engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, recommender systems, R programming, data modeling, data visualization and the Hadoop ecosystem.

The academy also incorporates elements of the Association of Business Executives (ABE) programme; combined with Open Source Big Data, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle Corporation’s Data Science curriculum and offers three levels of qualifications in the management of information systems and business. Try free demo today.

How do you want to Learn?

Learn at your own pace: anytime, anywhere on any device.

Computer Based Training

Learn at your own pace

Computer Based Training - CBT is a Computer training program designed to be run on a Personal computer or over the Internet, Extranet or Intranet. They are Interactive and Simulate the software being studied; behaves like you have the actual software installed on your PC.


Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Electronic learning or e-learning is an umbrella term for learning enhanced by the use of digital technologies such as the internet, tablets and smart phones.

Self-Study Training Guide

Learn on any device

Training Guide products are similar to Microsoft’s step-by-step books except Self-Study Training Guides come with far more theory using a screen-by-screen approach to learning and are delivered in e-Book format.

On-Site Training

Bring the Classroom to your Workplace

Delivers instructor-led face-to-face classroom training to employees at your facility. This saves you money by eliminating travel and hotel expenses.

What do you want to Learn?

The WebLearning Difference: Engaging, Effective, Affordable.

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Experience the ultimate in Training.You have a choice of Self-study CBT, eLearning and eBooks.

Certified Instructors

Learn from experts in industry

Flexible learning

Study Anytime, Anywhere

Huge Savings

Engaging, Effective, Affordable

Unlocking Potential with Data Science

Experience the ultimate in Training: Learn at your own pace anytime, anywhere on any device.


Engaging, Effective, Affordable

In the fast-changing world of work, acquiring Blockchain skills is the smartest career move. Discover what you can Learn. Try WebLearning FREE.

Popular Self-Study CBT courses

The WebLearning Difference: Engaging, Effective, Affordable.


Ehance your Career, Status and Income with our New Career Enabler courses.

Career Enabler Blockchain Development

Participate in the 4th Industrial Revolution: Blockchain has been ushered in as one of the revolutionary technologies that can herald the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. Learn IBM, Oracle, Microsoft Blockchain.

Career Enabler WebLogic 14c Administration

This course will teach Java developers and web administrators how to set out Java EE applications to WebLogic Server version 12c with the use of Administration Console and scripting tools like WLST.

Career Enabler Data Science

This course also covers all pre-requisite trainings needed for Data Science. After this course participants can become Data scientists and also will be experts on data visualisations and decision making using predictive analytics.


Our wide range of courses are Engaging, Effective, Affordable, Easy on the pockets.

Performance Management

Oracle BI and Hyperion  Financials

Human Capital Management

PeopleSoft & Oracle EBS Human Capital  Solutions

Data Science and Analytics

Big Data, Analytics and  Data Science 

Database Management

Oracle, Microsoft & IBM Database Management
Business Management Academy:
From Zero to MBA

WebLearning offers Career oriented, competency based Business training; covers HR Management, Finance and Accounting, Banking, Law, Retail, Logistics courses.



Combines Off-line and On-line training with Instructor support to maximise learners' potential.



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Data Science Academy

Your fast-path to a Career in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: Covers SQL, Python, R Programming, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Social Network Analysis and Natural Language Processing, Big Data tools such as Hadoop, HDFS, Flume and Sqoop, Spark.


Machine Learning

Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed.This course provides a broad introduction to machine learning, datamining, and statistical pattern recognition.

Blockchain Academy

The blockchain-academy is designed for technical and non-technical business executives who are tasked with making business decisions about leveraging Blockchain technology in their businesses.

Data Engineering

The Data Engineering program is designed to teach engineers how to build and operate frameworks to handle the exploding amount of data being collected in today’s top firms..

Career Enabler

WebLearning offers Career Enabler for Business and IT training. Covers Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Retail, Banking, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM technology courses

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